ISM: 02.–05.02.2025 #ISMCOLOGNE

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Snack products - the world of snack manufacturers

ISM is also the platform for savoury snack items. They are represented in numerous versions, for instance as crisps and extruded products, savoury biscuits, nuts and almonds, rice snacks or popcorn, the latter also in sweet versions.

You can find the entire range of savoury snacks at ISM Cologne - international snack manufacturers will be presenting nut mixtures, savoury biscuits, potato snacks, crackers and much more in the "Snack foods" product segment. Spicy, salty, hot or surprisingly different, seize the opportunity to convince buyers about your innovative, tasteful creations.

Snack foods - from party to everyday alternatives

Snack foods like nut mixtures, salty biscuits or lye rolls, have long since become more than a mere party snack. At home, while travelling, at (high) school or at work, snacks have meanwhile become part of the consumer's everyday routine. And snack manufacturers from all over the world are well-prepared for this! A diversified offer of snacks can be found at ISM Cologne. Snack manufacturers and buyers come together here to put together a line-up that entices the consumer to indulge in snacks.

This is what the "Snack food" product segment offers you

  • The products of international snack manufacturers
  • A diversified offer for buyers
  • Over 1,000 qualified exhibitors from 76 countries
  • Direct contact between the buyers and manufacturers

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Diversity is in demand

Nut mixtures vary greatly! The demands in the snack food product segment are constantly increasing. The customers want a selection of products. Nut mixtures are the best example: Some people like classic trail mixes with raisins, some prefer a salted or roasted nut mixture and others like nuts covered in chocolate or cranberries in their mix...

Having just one product in the assortment no longer suffices - this also applies for potato crisps, salty biscuits and other snacks. In your capacity as a snack manufacturer at ISM Cologne demonstrate which variations and creations mustn't be missing from the store shelves.

Mouth-watering: High-quality snacks attractively packed

The eye not only decides whether something looks tasty, but also whether an item is purchased. Appealing packing designs increase the attractiveness of the product.

As a trade visitor you can look forward to products, the packing of which already entices people to tuck in.

Moreover, different package sizes contribute towards different target groups being addressed. And inside the packing?

Quality that one tastes. In the case of nut mixes and snack biscuits sustainability also plays a role. This theme is also being addressed in the Snack food product segment of ISM Cologne.

Newcomers and well-known snack manufacturers will offer an immense diversity of snacks and nibbles - which are perfect for a wide-ranging product line-up.

Overview products

  • Pretzels/salted cocktail snacks/salted sticks
  • Cashew nuts, salted and/or roasted
  • Cocktail biscuits
  • Peanuts, salted and/or roasted
  • Peanut puffs
  • Pork scratchings
  • Crackers (water biscuits)
  • Hazelnuts, salted and roasted
  • Cheese biscuits/assorted cheese snacks/cheese wafers/ cheese rolls
  • Potato crisps/potato sticks/other potato snacks
  • Cocktail biscuits / mini-pizza biscuits
  • Salted pretzels and rolls
  • Macadamia nuts, salted and/or roasted
  • Macadamia nuts dry-roasted
  • Corn snacks
  • Almonds, salted and roasted
  • Almonds, dry-roasted
  • Assorted nuts / assorted nuts and raisins
  • Assorted nuts / tropical fruit and nuts
  • Assorted nuts, salted and/or roasted
  • Assorted nuts, dry-roasted
  • Pecan nuts salted and/or roasted
  • Pine kernels, salted and/or roasted
  • Pistachio nuts, salted and/or roasted
  • Popcorn/Puffed-corn/Puffed-rice
  • Rice-snacks
  • Salted snacks (pretzels/assortments/sticks)
  • Salted snacks - water biscuits
  • Soya kernels, salted and/or roasted
  • Biscuit snacks
  • Walnut kernels, salted and roasted
  • Wheat snacks
  • Onion rings / onion rolls
  • Sunflower seeds, salted and/or roasted
  • Vegan snack foods
  • Sugar-free snack foods
  • Sugar-reduced snack foods
  • Fat-reduced snack foods
  • Lactose-free snack foods
  • Gluten-free snack foods
  • Salt-reduced snack foods