ISM: 02.–05.02.2025 #ISMCOLOGNE

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GISMO: The lively face of the ISM family

GISMO was invented with a clear goal. He is the face and the mascot of the ISM family as well as a connecting element for all of the ISM trade fairs.

Hence, since he was created in 2023, he not only represents his home city, Cologne, he actually also travels the globe. He feels quite at home all over the world.

Even from afar he is a feast for the eyes because of his bright feathers. So, look forward to GISMO, the lively flamingo, who not only loves sweets, but also conquers the hearts of the ISM visitors.

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A very unique character


Our flamingo is everything but ordinary: GISMO's dietary habits differ from those of his fellow species, because his favourite diet comprises of sweets and snacks of all kinds. He has a special fondness for pink sweets, shoelaces and fruit gums. In spite of his preference for sugar confectionery, he maintains his weight (1.8 kg) - perhaps because standing only 100 cm tall he is still growing.



GISMO machine

Would you like to capture your time at the ISM as a lasting memory?

Stefan Wirkus - Moderator and Cartoonist

A cartoon by Stefan Wirkus makes it possible! At Gismo Square, he transforms your visage in the background, in the style of graphic recording, into a drawn cartoon.

Everything happens incredibly quickly. The drawings are created so swiftly that they are practically transmitted in real-time to your smartphone. You can witness live on a monitor or a large screen how your souvenir is coming to life.

This ensures that your trade fair experience at the ISM remains unforgettable!

GISMO Square

GISMO Square is a particular standout at the trade fair, named after the charismatic ISM mascot. Situated along the central boulevard, this innovative zone not only introduces a dedicated social media hub and showcases product innovations from ISM Middle East but also provides a varied range of interactive activities. The main objective is to pioneer new formats, specifically tailored for Young Professionals. As part of this initiative, there's the exciting new Get-Together series taking place on ISM Sunday and Tuesday at Lab5 by ISM.

Further informatione about GISMO Square

Insider, reporter and tip provider


GISMO's personality is coined by his liveliness, thirst for adventure and knowledge, by his friendliness, open-mindedness and playfulness. These characteristics not only make him likeable, but also turn him into a popular insider, reporter and tip provider.

As a multilingual bird, GISMO communicates in German and English to address the international audience of ISM.

"As a sociable bird, I love networking at Lab5 by ISM! The atmosphere is simply unique here."


"If I want to get to ISM quickly, I would try all the entrances. A little tip: the south entrance is the most crowded."


"I'm always happy to welcome new family members! Trade fair experiences can be captured on social media under #ISMfamily."




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