ISM: 02.–05.02.2025 #ISMCOLOGNE

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Ice cream, deep-frozen sweets and raw pastes

Chilled sweets were already popular in old China and ancient Europe. At ISM they are presented in the form of fruit ice cream, dairy ice cream and pre-portioned items. As the younger relation of ice cream, frozen yoghurt is also represented. Frozen cakes and frozen biscuits round of the frozen offer of sweet products.

Colourful and cool: The sweet frozen food of international manufacturers can be discovered among the ice cream, deep-frozen sweets and raw pastes product segment. In all types of forms and taste creations, exhibitors from all over the globe will be presenting ice cream and frozen bakery products for the sweets wholesale and retail trades.

Sweet frozen food - the right thing for all seasons

Ice cream is purely a summer product? Not at all! A number of manufacturers will be demonstrating at ISM Cologne that there is the appropriate offer of sweet frozen food for every season. Because ice cream and deep-frozen sweets are even a must at Christmas.

This product segment also encompasses pastes, such as nut pastes, nougat or persipan that are offered in pre-packed form for the retail trade.

Impress the buyers of the sweets wholesale and retail trade with your frozen products in the Ice Cream and Deep-frozen Sweets product segment.

This is what the "Ice Cream and Deep-frozen Sweets" product segment offers you

  • Renowned manufacturers and promising start-ups
  • A diversity of sweet frozen food
  • Direct contact to the manufacturers
  • Target group-oriented products

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All imaginable types of ice cream

The diversity of ice cream at ISM Cologne is extremely coveted by the buyers of the sweets wholesale and retail trades.

Artificial ice cream, dairy ice cream, cream ice or sorbet ensure there is something for every target group. Milk and cream intolerance, vegan diets, diabetics...

At ISM Cologne the exhibitors will demonstrate how one can serve the customer's needs innovatively and tastefully. The buyers can also flexibly choose the sizes of the portions to suit the demand. Ice cream for bulk consumers, family size packages or food service goods are included in the Ice Cream and Deep-frozen Sweets product segment.

Surprise customers with ice cream creations

Bars, sandwiches, cakes or on a stick - surprise your customers with ice cream products that stand out from the masses. Ice cream and frozen sweets allow the creativity plenty of room for attractive product designs. Bright colours, shapes inspired by figures from films and series and a surprising mixture, for instance with sherbet or chewing-gum turn ice cream into a bestseller.

And the taste? Chocolate and vanilla ice cream are available in totally new variations, because the flavours available today are much more exotic than in the past. International exhibitors will demonstrate the full extent of their skills on presenting the ice cream trends of tomorrow! The buyers can let themselves be inspired by the new products at ISM Cologne - and in turn impress their customers!

Overview products

  • Plain ice-cream
  • Ice-cream bombes and cakes
  • Ice-cream containing vegetable fat
  • Ice-cream
  • Fruit ice
  • Ice-cream with non-milk fat
  • Real dairy ice-cream with milk
  • Real dairy ice-cream with cream
  • Ice-cream in wholesale quantities
  • Ice-cream in tubs
  • Pre-portioned packs
  • Other ice-cream products for gastronomic purposes
  • Ice-cream in family packs
  • Ice-cream in multi-packs
  • Packs of ice-cream with individually wrapped portions
  • Ice-cream in individual tubs
  • Ice-cream bars
  • Ice-cream sandwiches
  • Cornets
  • Sorbet
  • Frozen Yoghurt
  • Deep-frozen cake
  • Deep-frozen pastry
  • Peanut paste
  • Marzipan (retail packs)
  • Praline
  • Almound praline
  • Hazelnut praline
  • Nut paste
  • Persipan - marzipan made with aprico kernels (retail packs)
  • Chopped and grated products (retail packs)
  • Semi-manufactured products (retail packs)
  • Macaroon paste
  • Nut macaroon paste
  • Persipan (marzipan made with apricot kernels) macaroon paste
  • Oliseed paste
  • Synthetic honey, retail packs
  • Cocoa paste