ISM: 02.–05.02.2025 #ISMCOLOGNE

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Chocolate production from A to Z

At ISM the world's largest selection of chocolate and chocolate products from A for alpine milk to Z for zero bar, filled chocolates and truffles as well as Easter and Christmas items are on display. Segment: Chocolate, Chocolate products

More than just food for the nerves: The production of chocolate delivers impressive results! At ISM Cologne, the world's largest selection of chocolate and chocolate products from A for alpine milk to Z for zero bar will be presented. The wide product range extends beyond a mere chocolate show. Because alongside filled chocolates and truffles as well as items for Easter and Christmas, the product trends of tomorrow await you here! Vegan chocolate for example is experiencing a growing demand and enhances the extensive offer of the largest snack and sweets trade fair in Cologne. Experience which delights and product innovations the chocolate production is introducing and network with first-class manufacturers. Discover here the latest chocolate creations, which shouldn't be missing from your product portfolio in future either!

Make sure you are there and secure your admission ticket for ISM Cologne !

This is what the product segment „Chocolate and chocolate products" offers you

  • The world's largest selection of chocolate and chocolate products
  • 1,661 qualified exhibitors from 76 countries
  • Global industry networking
  • Chocolate trends like vegan chocolate and other exotic chocolate goods
  • The live production of chocolate at the exhibition stands
  • A Start-up Area with the innovative chocolate products of young companies - The chance for you to gather brand-new product ideas for your line-up

Chocolate and chocolate products - discover melt-in-the-mouth innovations

The right products for every target group: ISM Cologne covers the entire spectrum of chocolate production. From traditional Alpine milk chocolate, to fruit chocolate and coating, through to white chocolate - here nothing is left to be desired! Vegan chocolate and further product innovations to do with chocolate and chocolate products will also be presented to you by first-class exhibitors at ISM Cologne. Let yourself be inspired by the manifold possibilities of chocolate production for your line-up in the coming business year! Expanding your product palette will offer you the best chances of securing your long-term success within the sweets industry.

Filled chocolates and truffles - a big emphasis on small delights

Thanks to its variety of products, the product segment "Chocolate and chocolate products" is akin to a chocolate trade fair in Cologne. In addition to chocolate, small delights such as filled chocolates and truffles will also be making a big appearance! Discover among others classic liqueur-filled chocolates, exquisite cream-filled chocolates, the popular Mozartkugel and a wide selection of novel truffle-filled chocolates at ISM Cologne, which turn chocolate enjoyment into an experience. Discover the unique offer of tender-melting, international filled chocolates and engage in an exchange with manufacturers about the latest creations of filled chocolates.

Other chocolate goods - everything that the chocolate production has to offer

(Vegan) chocolate is not only available in bars! ISM Cologne grants you an exclusive insight into all conceivable possibilities of chocolate production. Discover among others chocolate bark, surprising Easter and Christmas items, high-quality chocolate pastes, chilled chocolate snacks and special children's items that combine chocolate products with toys. Let yourself be convinced by tempting vegan chocolate taste experiences that are going to impress the market.

A successful combination between impulses and product innovations, professional networking, first-class exhibitors and competent visitors - THAT is ISM Cologne!

You have already booked your hotel room and admission ticket? So that you can get the most out of your visit to ISM Cologne and totally concentrate on your business success, we have put together a practical overview for the preparations of your visit .

Overview products

Chocolate, Chocolate products

  • Alpine milk chocolate/Alpine cream chocolate/Alpine full-milk chocolate
  • Dark chocolate/Dark cream chocolate
  • Flaked cracknel chocolate
  • Block chocolate
  • Capuccino chocolate
  • Cola chocolate
  • Chocolate with fructose and/or sweeteners/Diet chocolate
  • Superior dark chocolate/Superior full-milk chocolate
  • Peanut chocolate
  • Nut chocolate in transparent packing
  • Fruit chocolate (orange/lemon)
  • Fruit chocolate with cream
  • Household chocolate/Household milk chocolate
  • Ginger chocolate
  • Yoghurt chocolate (filled and solid)
  • Cocoa powder, retail packs
  • Instant cocoa powder, retail packs
  • Chocolate crisp
  • Coconut chocolate
  • Creme chocolate
  • Cracknel chocolate
  • Chocolate coating, retail packs
  • Aero chocolate
  • Almond chip chocolate
  • Almond cracknel chocolate
  • Almond praline / Hazelnut praline chocolate
  • Almond-hazelnut chocolate
  • Marzipan chocolate
  • Milk chocolate
  • Hazelnut milk chocolate
  • Mocha chocolate, Mocha-cream chocolate, solid/filled
  • Nougat (Hazelnut praliné) chocolate/Nougat cracknel chocolate
  • Nut-brittle chocolate, Nut-nougat chocolate
  • Peppermint chocolate, solid/filled
  • Small bars of peppermint chocolate, solid/filled
  • Tablet of filled chocolate squares
  • Puffed-rice chocolate
  • Cream chocolate
  • Rum and almond chocolate
  • Rum and raisin chocolate
  • Rum, hazelnut and raisin chocolate
  • Cream chocolate / cream cracknel chocolate
  • Alcohol-filled chocolate
  • Small bar of chocolate
  • Chocolate covering (see coating)
  • Truffle chocolate
  • Full-milk chocolate
  • Full-milk cracknel
  • Full-milk almond chocolate
  • Full-milk mocha chocolate
  • Full-milk hazelnut chocolate
  • Full-milk nut chocolate
  • Full-milk chocolate with whole almond or nuts
  • White chocolate
  • Flavoured white chocolate
  • Dark (semi-sweet) chocolate
  • Dark (semi-sweet) chocolate with whole nuts


  • Alcohol-filled chocolates
  • Dessert chocolates
  • Pralines with fructose and/or sweeteners/Diet pralines
  • Peanut chips/peanut lumps/peanut pyramids
  • Chocolate sticks with flavoured, liquid centres
  • Fondant chocolates
  • Fruit chocolates (pineapple, apple, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, orange)
  • Coated jellies
  • Yoghurt chocolates
  • Creme chocolates
  • Chocolates coated coffee beans and coffee chocolates, solid
  • Advocat chocolates
  • Cracknel chocolates
  • Liqueur chocolates
  • Almond chocolates/almond splitz/almond lumps/almond pyramids
  • Marzipan chocolates/marzipan and walnut chocolates
  • Mocha beans and mocha chocolates, solid/filled
  • Mozartkugeln
  • Nougat (hazelnut nougat) chocolates
  • Creme praline chocolates
  • Hazelnut lumps/hazelnut pyramids/hazelnut chips
  • Hazelnut chocolates
  • Peppermint chocolates
  • Chocolate eggs
  • Rum-filled chocolates beans/rum-filled chocolate eggs / rum balls (Jamaica rum)
  • Walnut chocolates
  • Brandy (cognac) chocolates beans
  • Brandy (cognac) chocolates eggs
  • Brandy (cognac) chocolates with cherries/Brandy chocolates
  • Cognac chocolates
  • Truffle chocolates

Other chocolate products

  • Christmas tree chocolates
  • Flaked cracknel
  • Chocolates flake for sprinkling
  • Chocolate cornflake crisp (milk/plain)
  • Hollow chocolate figures (also filled chocolate figures)
  • Langues de chat (also filled)
  • Toys (also chocolates with toy gifts)
  • Chocolate items for the toy-shop
  • Advocat-filled chocolate items
  • Neapolitains
  • Santa sacks
  • Santa chocolate canes
  • Santa chocolate boots
  • Two nuts in a shell
  • Easter chocolate products
  • Layered chocolates/layered chocolate eggs
  • Filled chocolate Biedermeier bouquets
  • Gift-eggs
  • Puffed-rice pieces, bars
  • Grating chocolate
  • Chocolate with imprinted designs
  • Chocolate bars, filled/solid
  • Chocolate cups, chocolate bowls, chocolate pots
  • Chocolate leaves, chocolate tiles, chocolate buttons
  • Chocolate eggs, solid
  • Chocolate barrels/chocolate bottles (filled with liqueurs/ brandy/whisky)
  • Chocolate flakes/milk chocolate flakes
  • Chocolate-shaped hearts/chocolate-shaped hearts on strings
  • Chocolate witch's house
  • Chocolate horseshoe
  • Chocolate wreath, solid/filled
  • Chocolate balls, solid/filled
  • Chocolate beetles/lucky chocolate beetles/chocolate lady- birds
  • Chocolate coins/Chocolate squares/Chocolate doubloons
  • Chocolate biscuits
  • Chocolate butterflies
  • Chocolate slices and slithers
  • Plain chocolate vermicelli/milk chocolate vermicelli/white chocolate vermicelli
  • Chocolate vermicelli
  • Chocolate cigars / Chocolate cigarettes
  • Choc-chips
  • Chocolate sticks, solid/filled
  • Chocolate balls coated in vermicelli
  • Chocolate goods for Christmas
  • Chilled chocolate snacks