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Breakfast snacks: Muesli and porridge take the market by storm

In addition to cake, cookies and waffles, also stollen and gingerbread together with national specialities like panettone, baklava and macaroons, but also crispbread and rusks are exhibited at ISM.

The first meal of the day - is it also the most important meal? Muesli, porridge, yoghurt drinks and co. are making their grand appearance in the breakfast snacks product segment of ISM Cologne. With the aid of trendy products, the international exhibitors are lending breakfast a new image. Make sure you too demonstrate which new products the market needs next year!

Overview products

  • Cereals/Porridge
  • Yogurt drinks
  • Probiotic drinks

The breakfast trend porridge

Everyone is mad about porridge! Warm porridge has advanced into one of the breakfast trend products. A warm meal that is healthy and that is simple to prepare using milk or water, that is what makes porridge so popular.
Furthermore, the trend product adds variety to the breakfast table, because it can be refined with honey, cinnamon and many other ingredients or can be enjoyed in a different way every day using nuts and fruits as a topping.

Which alternatives does your product range offer?

Which solutions do you offer for fast preparation so that even people with little time can enjoy the porridge in just a few minutes?

At ISM Cologne, the manufacturers will encounter the high demand of the buyers from the wholesale and retail trades. Seize this opportunity to savour the porridge trend!

This is what the "Breakfast snacks" product segment offers you

  • High-quality exhibitors from 76 countries
  • New products from the breakfast snacks segment
  • The industry meeting point for sweets and snacks

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Sometimes sweet, sometimes healthy - the breakfast classic muesli

Crunchy wholesome flakes, fine oat flakes, sweet crispy flakes or a protein mix...
The exhibitors at ISM Cologne keep on reinventing new versions of the breakfast classic. Make sure you too use ISM Cologne's Breakfast Snacks product segment as a stage for your new products. Whether sweet creations containing chocolate, honey and crispy flakes or healthy low-carb alternatives with fruits and less sugar, there is the right offer for every requirement.

Yoghurt drinks and probiotic drinks - when time is pressing

For many people, breakfast is an important start to the day - however there is often not enough time for a lengthy breakfast comprising of rolls, fruit or homemade muesli.

Yoghurt drinks are the solution for precisely this problem. Available in practical sizes, the yoghurt drinks can be conveniently consumed en route. Many consumers fall back on yoghurt drinks as a small in-between refreshment.

Equally popular: probiotic drinks. These particularly go down well among the consumers, who want to do something good for their health. As a buyer, you can find a whole range of yoghurt drinks and probiotic drinks at ISM Cologne among the Breakfast snacks product segment, which selectively target such customers.