ISM: 02.–05.02.2025 #ISMCOLOGNE

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Häppy Candy - Your new go-to vegan low-sugar fruit gum snack with prebiotic fiber

- Vegan, low-sugar candy with fiber
- Made with love in Germany
- Female-founded – bootstrapped and independent

According to the German Federal Statistical Office and the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), 54% of adults and 15% of three to seventeen-year-old children in Germany are overweight or obese. This is attributed, among other factors, to a high consumption of energy-dense and sugar-rich convenience food.

The snack aisle is full of sugary and energy-dense options. Especially in the candy section, there is a lack of better alternatives.

Why are there not any delicious low-sugar snacks in the candy aisle? Why has no one thought about adding fiber to candy? Snacking with a reduced blood sugar spike? These are the questions the founders of Häppy Candy asked. The innovative food brand from Berlin, launched in January 2022, stands for tasty, vegan, low-sugar candy presented in colorful packaging.

The two varieties are Bumble Berry Mix and Hawaiian Sunrise Mix, sold in optimal snack-sized bags of 50g each.

All Häppy Candy products are vegan, contain about 20% fewer calories and 45% less sugar than typical candy, along with prebiotic fiber, making them a better alternative for a health-conscious lifestyle without compromising great taste. Häppy Candy does not use any artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols, they simply use less sugar instead. They only use natural flavors and colors, and they manufacture in Germany for short supply chains and the highest quality standards.

Less sugar without any artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols.

Häppy Candy uses neither sugar alcohols nor artificial sweeteners for better taste. Sugar alcohols can lead to digestive problems such as bloating and diarrhea when consumed excessively. Häppy Candy simply uses less sugar, without any compromise on taste. According to the Nutrition Report in 2022 from the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), 82% of Germans want convenience foods with less sugar, and only 10% want the use of sweeteners to compensate for reduced sweetness. Häppy Candy has created an innovative and tasty solution catering to this demand.

Why candy with fiber?

The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recommends consuming at least 30g of fiber per day. 75% of Germans do not achieve that. Fiber keeps you fuller for longer, contributes to reduced blood sugar spikes, and supports digestive health. Häppy Candy addresses this with a smart candy that contains less sugar and prebiotic fibers.

Häppy Candy offers innovative candy that offers a better snack alternative to traditional candy. Häppy Candy is the perfect candy snack for adults and kids.

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