ISM: 02.–05.02.2020

Segment of ISM

Snack foods

ISM is also the platform for savoury snack items. They are represented in numerous versions, for instance as crisps and extruded products, savoury biscuits, nuts and almonds, rice snacks or popcorn, the latter also in sweet versions.

ISM is also the platform for savoury snack items.

Overview products

  • Pretzels/salted cocktail snacks/salted sticks
  • Cashew nuts, salted and/or roasted
  • Cocktail biscuits
  • Peanuts, salted and/or roasted
  • Peanut puffs
  • Pork scratchings
  • Crackers (water biscuits)
  • Hazelnuts, salted and roasted
  • Cheese biscuits/assorted cheese snacks/cheese wafers/ cheese rolls
  • Potato crisps/potato sticks/other potato snacks
  • Cocktail biscuits / mini-pizza biscuits
  • Salted pretzels and rolls
  • Macadamia nuts, salted and/or roasted
  • Macadamia nuts dry-roasted
  • Corn snacks
  • Almonds, salted and roasted
  • Almonds, dry-roasted
  • Assorted nuts / assorted nuts and raisins
  • Assorted nuts / tropical fruit and nuts
  • Assorted nuts, salted and/or roasted
  • Assorted nuts, dry-roasted
  • Pecan nuts salted and/or roasted
  • Pine kernels, salted and/or roasted
  • Pistachio nuts, salted and/or roasted
  • Popcorn/Puffed-corn/Puffed-rice
  • Rice-snacks
  • Salted snacks (pretzels/assortments/sticks)
  • Salted snacks - water biscuits
  • Soya kernels, salted and/or roasted
  • Biscuit snacks
  • Walnut kernels, salted and roasted
  • Wheat snacks
  • Onion rings / onion rolls
  • Sunflower seeds, salted and/or roasted