ISM: 23.–25.04.2023 #ISMCOLOGNE

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ISM Start-up Area

Sweets Start-ups at ISM!

In the Start-up Area you find companies, not older than five years, which present their products and concepts at ISM under one roof.

Here you will meet trends in the confectionery and snack industry presented for the first time - this is the place for innovation.

As part of the Start-up Pitches on the Expert Stage at the boulevard, the Start-ups get the opportunity to present their trends and innovations on Sunday.

The Start-up Area is located in the Lab5 by ISM in hall 5.2.

Here you can find the short portraits of the participants and further information.



Wild baby figs specific to Aegean mountains are dried and filled with chocolate stuffing, natural fruits, world-renowned hazelnuts of Giresun, and premium Aegean Almonds. To add to this premium texture and flavour, they are covered with top-quality ruby, dark, milk, and gold chocolate from Belgium. Each brandy-infused piece is hand-crafted by master chocolatiers and confectioners to create a royal taste.

Hall 5.2 | Stand F 038

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haldy Logo


We are a company inspired by the golden goodness of Turmeric. We have launched the World’s First Sugarfree Turmeric Mints (in 3 exciting flavours - Peppermint, Berries & Lemon). Our mints are manufactured in a F.D.A. and B.R.C.G.S. certified facility. At Haldy we are focussed on creating a 'Better For You' range of unique, innovative and premium consumer products. We aim to provide consumers a Tasty, Refreshing and Convenient way to add the Golden Goodness of Turmeric to Boost their Daily Routine. We also have a design patent on our unique and innovative recyclable slide to open mint pack.

Hall 5.2 | Stand F 020

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QISU - Cheese Snack Logo

QISU - Cheese Snack

QISU is a crunchy cheese snack and topping made from 100% real cheese, free from any other ingredient. Our family business takes pride in delivering a high-protein and gluten-free snack with bold cheesy flavor in every crispy bite. Conveniently packaged in a recyclable and resealable bag, QISU is perfect for on-the-go snacking, sharing with family & friends, or as a complement to your favorite drink. Enjoy the delicious taste and nutritional benefits of QISU, the perfect snack for any occasion!

Hall 5.2 | Stand F 036

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ENFES products are made of premium dried fruits (figs, apricots, dates, grapes, pumpkins). Our products are natural and processed without any additives. Our products are coated with sugar-free chocolate with well balance to create a perfect match to be enjoyed by all ages. If you like nuts, we also have just the right snack that delivers more texture and flavors for nut lovers. Again no artificial flavorings or additives, Enfes Products are all Natural.

Hall 5.2 | Stand F 038a

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KOA Logo


The Swiss-Ghanaian start-up Koa makes use of the pulp of the cocoa fruit, thus reducing food waste and providing cocoa smallholders with an additional income. Today, 71 employees in Ghana and Switzerland dedicate themselves to the growth of Koa to boost value creation in the cocoa-growing regions and to develop innovative and pioneering processes. With their natural cocoa fruit products, Koa brings a previously unknown taste to the market with new possibilities for the gastronomy and F&B industry.

Hall 5.2 | Stand F 28

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BenFit Logo


Our extensive product range includes bakery products, such as bagels, pretzel sticks or bread, pasta, e.g. pasta and snacking products such as our tortilla chips or our lentil flips. All our products have different nutritional and added values for individual needs of our customers. Most of our products are, besides a high protein content, also gluten-free, vegan, low-carb, low-calorie, low-sugar or even without added sugar. In many products we combine several added values with each other.

Hall 5.2 | Stand F 030a

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Party Bugs Logo

Party Bugs

Party Bugs are the first EDIBLE INSECT products worldwide branded as party snacks. They fit all parties from bars, restaurants, nightclubs, movies, festivals, sports events, and home parties. As premium products, Party Bugs compete with the highest quality, most delicious taste, and luxurious brand image, but their price is still competitive. The Party Bugs product line of 12 differently flavored roasted crickets and mealworms have received only positive feedback from distributors and consumers.

Hall 5.2 | Stand F 32a

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Sarteneja Conservas Logo

Sarteneja Conservas

In Cortijo de Sarteneja we produce sauces and organic jams. Our main aim is satisfy the demand for quality products that, undoubtedly, are still missing in the market. Our wide range of products is available in different formats in a clean, simple and impressive packaging at the same time, and our recipes, containing only natural ingredients which are easily recognizable by the consumer. Although our jams and gourmet sauces could be made at home, Cortijo de Sarteneja produce these for you to enjoy throughout the year.

Hall 5.2 | Stand F 10a

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Chocolate BERNARD Logo

Chocolate BERNARD

The team of BERNARD chocolates is engaged in the production of Belgian chocolate in Bulgaria. Our chocolate pizzas are innovative products that we have created with top quality Belgian chocolate without palm oil. We won a gold medal for innovative and quality products in the Food fair 2022in Sofia. We have different thematiques for every occasion - Easter, Christmas, Hawolleen, Summer, Marshmallow, Mix and Assorted edition.

Hall 5.2 | Stand F 18a

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Lavacheese Logo

For the love of cheese

A few years back, two lifelong friends were enjoying a cold glass of beer, grilled cheese sandwiches and each others company, discussing the finer things in life. One of those being the irresistible taste of cheese grilled dangerously close to burning. They made it their mission to capture that taste in a pure and handy form for everyone to enjoy.

After months of trials and development the final product was ready to conquer the taste-buds at one of Iceland largest food exhibitions: A delicious brand of chips containing no carbohydrates, the perfect snack for low carb and keto diets. Investment from a local food processing company followed, allowing us to triple our sales in one year and leapfrog into a larger production facility and consumer market in Sweden.

Hall 5.2 | Stand F 020a

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