ISM: 02.–05.02.2020


Trend Court@ISM

Trend Court at ISM

Innovations, current topics and trends - this the center of the new Trend Court in Hall 5.2 at the ISM 2019. Here you found all the highlights for the confectionery and snack industry in one place. In addition, a generous food court offered the opportunity to work up the newly gained impressions in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Trend Court@ISM consisted of three main focuses:

- 1 -
Sweet Trends presented by Innova Market Insights

The global confectionery industry evolves continuously and surprises consumers every year with new taste experiences. Again in 2019 Innova Market Insights informed visitors of the ISM about new product trends and provides insight into the latest developments in Sweets and Snacks. Moreover, three times a day Innova Market Insights hold their trend presentations at the Expert Stage.

- 2 -
Start-up Area

The Start-Up Area offered 15 companies that have been founded within the last five years a possibility of presenting their products and concepts under a joint roof at the ISM. The entire start-up area was located in the Trend Court of Hall 5.2 and was the place for innovations. In addition, all start-ups had the opportunity to present themselves in the scope of a start-up pitch on the Expert Stage.

- 2 -
Expert Stage

The ISM Expert Stage was the first contact point for the exchange of knowledge and information events within the ISM. This was where current topics of the sweets and snacks sector would be covered.


Partner Trend Court@ISM: Innova Maket Insights

Partner Trend Court@ISM: Euromonitor International