ISM: 31.01–03.02.2021 #ISMCOLOGNE

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ISM Ice cream-Biscuits-Sugar confectionary

The Start-up Area from the segments ice, biscuits and sugar confectionary offers 5 start-ups from three different countries, no older than five years, the opportunity to present their products and concepts under a joint roof at the ISM.

The entire start-up area will be located in the Trend Court of hall 5.2 and is the place for innovations. In addition, all start-ups have the opportunity to present themselves in the scope of a start-up pitch on the Expert Stage.

Ice cream

ISM Start-ups Ice-Biscuits-Sugar confectionary - Santu ICE - #plantpowered #frozensmoothiebowl #onlynatural

Santu ICE

We believe in the power of ice cream and produce ice cream for every taste and mood. We have creamy gelato just like at our gelateria, all natural milk ice cream produced in an artisinal way, and nutritious plant based ice cream with freshly pressed fruits and plant milk. Each of our brands will delight you with its unique taste.

#plantpowered #frozensmoothiebowl #onlynatural

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ISM Start-ups Ice cream-Biscuits-Sugar confectionary - Farm Brothers - #eatcookieschangetheearth #organic #cookies

Farm Brothers

100% plant-based, super-tasty, Palm Oil free and baked with coconut oil. This product was awarded: BEST NEW ORGANIC PRODUCT OF THE NETHERLANDS 2019. Farm Brothers proudly presents: Vegan Cookies. Two new cookie flavours, which are not only 100% organic but also completely vegan! Slow-baked without butter and eggs, and especially without all other junk that does not belong in cookies. In store now: Farm Brothers Maple Pecan & Brownie Almond. What’s in it? It’s simple: spelt flour, whole grain rye and oatmeal, coconut oil, rice syrup, brown sugar, baking powder and a pinch of salt. For more info on the cookies visit us at our booth!

#eatcookieschangetheearth #organic #cookies

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ISM Start-ups Ice cream-Biscuits-Sugar confectionary - GmbH - #organicchocolate #chocolateandtoy #allergenandplasticfree

Freehandel .de GmbH

Our company, GmbH, based in Hilden, exclusively produce products of the "Daily'n" brand. The "Daily'n" products include MUFFINS, BROWNIES, TÖRTCHEN, MADELEINES, PLUM CAKES in various flavors (including vanilla, strawberry, chocolate). Instead of palm oil, we use pure butter, fresh milk and fresh eggs, which make up the incomparable taste. The products are individually packaged and therefore ideal for sale in kiosk shops, petrol stations, canteens, cafeterias and vending machines. An excellent addition to your range.

#organicchocolate #chocolateandtoy #allergenandplasticfree

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Sugar confectionary

ISM Start-ups Ice-Biscuits-Sugar confectionary - Forest Gum - #plastikfrei #kaugummi #zuckerfrei

Forest Gum

Forest Gum is a new plant-based chewing gum made from chicle-sap without sugar, artificial flavours or chemical additives. As a better alternative, Forest Gum completely avoids plastic – in terms of gum base and packaging. By traditional extraction of the chicle, our product contributes to the preservation of tropical forests and thus to climate protection.

#plastikfrei #kaugummi #zuckerfrei

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ISM Start-ups Ice-Biscuits-Sugar confectionary - Brix Food - #Mintsonamission #organic #mints

Brix Food

Nice to mint you! Max's Mints are real mints on a mission; not just organic but also 100% natural, Vegan and packaged by a social workplace in the fun and infinitely recyclable cans. Max's Mints is available in 6 fun and intense flavors: Menthol, Spearmint, Lemon, Ginger, Liquorice and Coffee. For everyone who, like us, believes that many small changes for good will make a big difference!

#Mintsonamission #organic #mints

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