ISM: 23.–25.04.2023 #ISMCOLOGNE

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ISM Start-up Area

Sweets Start-ups at ISM!

In the Start-up Area you found companies, not older than five years, which presented their products and concepts at ISM under one roof.

This was where you met trends in the confectionery and snack industry, which was presented for the first time, this is the place for innovations.

As part of the Start-up Pitches on the Expert Stage, directly opposite the Start-up Area, Start-ups had the opportunity to present their trends and innovations on Tuesday morning.

The entire Start-up Area was located in the Trend Area of hall 5.2.

This is a selection of the participating start-ups of ISM 2022



ISM Start-ups Chocolate - Koa - #cocoafruit #socialimpact #lessfoodwaste

Koa Pure is a 100% natural cocoa fruit juice without any additives. By upcycling the pulp, food waste is reduced and Ghanaian cocoa farmers increase their income. Not only does the sweet and unique taste wow consumers – Koa also carries great social and environmental change. Koa Pure is ideal for drinks and food such as confectionery, baked goods, ice cream or chocolate products. Also available as a concentrate and as dried cocoa fruit.

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CMMA Gartmann GmbH

ISM Start-ups Chocolate - CMMA Gartmann GmbH #crunchig #schokoladig #einzigartig

They complement the range of our family business, which is now over 200 years old: The Gartmann Chocolate Crunchies – small masterpieces made of finest whole milk and dark chocolate, delicately balanced high-quality ingredients and a core of especially crispy cornflakes. We are more than happy to tell why they are so delicious. We are now proud to present the Organic Crunchies and Organic Spelt Pops. They can be even enjoyed with a good feeling down to the very last crumb as their packaging is completely recyclable.

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Spoontainable GmbH

ISM Start-ups Chocolate - Spoontainable GmbH #dontwasteittasteit #besustainableeatspoontainable #essbarelöffel

Put an end to unnecessary single-use plastic! We have developed a sustainable alternative. Our spoons are made from 100% sustainable raw materials and are also edible. The edible spoon Spoonie choc is also perfect for ice cream, frozen yogurt or as a coffee spoon. In dessert, the Spoonie choc also lasts at least 60 minutes without becoming soft. Afterwards, it can simply be eaten or disposed of organically. You don't use any plastic and you don't create any additional waste.

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Trend and Natural Snack


ISM Start-ups Trend and Natural Snack - Barforce #functional food #veganes Superfood #haferflockenriegel

Barforce Oat bars stand for intelligent, healthy, vegan lifestyle oat bars with superfood that fill you up and work at the same time (functional food)! The first 3 vegan bars are ideal for today because they have several advantages.

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ISM Start-ups Trend and Natural Snack - PURmacherei #healthysnacking #vegan #glutenfrei

Ingredient lists don't have to be unnecessarily complicated: Snacks can also be 'Simple, natural and delicious'. This is demonstrated by the start-up PURmacherei with its oat-almond balls, the HaferHAPS. True to the credo 'Less is more', the start-up produces the small oat-almond balls from only 5 natural ingredients - completely without industrial sugar and any additives. The oat-rich snacks are also vegan and gluten-free, making them the perfect snack for anyone looking for a healthy energy boost!

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Small Giants

ISM Start-ups Trend and Natural Snack - Small Giants #edibleinsects #futureoffood #alternativeprotein

Small Giants Cracker Bites are made with 15% cricket flour and 100% natural ingredients such as wheat flour and extra virgin olive oil. Insects bring protein (a lot!), vitamin B12 and a real umami flavour, while cereals offer fibre, texture and the distinctive crunchiness. Insects are also super sustainable, using only a fraction of land, water and energy compared to traditional protein sources. With no visible insects (we use cricket flour), our Cricket Cracker Bites are the ideal way to try insects for the first time.

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Zonama Food GmbH

ISM Start-ups Trend and Natural Snack - Zonama Food GmbH #innovation #performancebooster #noaddedsugar

The Zebra Bar Pro is not only to provide a good portion of protein, but also vitamins, minerals and a bacteria culture that support the immune system and digestion. Here, industrial sugar and sweeteners are completely avoided and dates are used for sweetening instead. The flavours Peanut, Cacao & Hazelnut and Strawberry are vegan and contain soy protein. The Strawberry & Yogurt Flavour contains whey protein and is therefore not vegan.

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FoodSpace BV

ISM Start-ups Trend and Natural Snack - FoodSpace BV #BananaBar #Organic #DoGoodWhileSnacking

Bananas are a natural energy booster, along with nuts, seeds, cacao and superfood, it makes for a perfect snack on the go, in between meals and before/after sport. Our four flavours have been winning people over wherever we go as a new alternative to cereal and date based bars. Our mission is to promote healthy and pleasurable snacking experiences and create a positive social and environmental impact. We made sure to use only organic ingredients.

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Biscuits, ice cream, sugar confectionery

Forest Gum GmbH

ISM Start-ups Biscuits, ice cream, sugar confectionery - Forest Gum GmbH #Plastikfrei #Natural Gum #Zuckerfrei

Forest Gum is a plastic-free chewing gum with plant-based ingredients only and a super refreshing taste. As a young company from Cologne, our mission is to save the climate. Unlike conventional chewing gum, which contains plastic as a gum base, Forest Gum is biodegradable and also sugar-free and vegan certified. We are committed to sustainable production methods, the protection of tropical forests and fair cooperation with the farmers in the harvesting areas. Do good, chew good.

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Principessa´s München GmbH

ISM Start-ups Biscuits, ice cream, sugar confectionery- Principessa´s München GmbH #nextgenerationbaking #suessesdasleckerschmecktundguttut #naturalsweet

Principessa's München GmbH is the start-up with your sweet added value. We live for #nextgenerationbaking. For us, #nextgenerationbaking means transforming the GOOD traditions of yesterday into even BETTER baked goods today. 100% gluten-free, often WITHOUT added sugar, mostly vegan and lactose-free, as well as  increasingly rich in protein and fibre, always in consideration of the best NutriScore. Principessa's portfolio hits the nerve of the time.

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ISM Start-ups Biscuits, ice cream, sugar confectionery - TREE GUM AG #naturalchewinggum #saynotoplastic #chewmeplantatree

TREE GUM - the natural Swiss chewing gum from the tree that also plants trees. No plastic, biodegradable, only ingredients of natural origin. With the sale of each MUltipack, a tree is planted!

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