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Bulgarian Confectioner AGI is Looking for Partners with whom to discover a Blue Ocean

29.01.2019, 13:00h

The Blue Ocean Strategy theory reveals that in the face of strong competition, companies that belong in an industry "swim" in red, filled with blood, waters.

In an era where information is so readily available, these companies, be it market leaders or followers, in essence, observe the same rules and comply with the same set of criteria - for example - pricing, product quality, packaging, level of investment, etc. The theory also states, in brief, that if these criteria can be looked upon from a different perspective, if the importance attached to them can be modified, as well as if the criteria themselves can be changed, a blue ocean can be discovered.

Agi 1 Ltd is open to new ideas, and welcomes any potential partners that are willing to think and to develop in that direction. Please, visit us at Stand H 040, Hall 2.2 to get acquainted with our strongest lines of products!

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