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Company from Latvia- LTD "Lāči"

29.01.2019, 24:00h

The bakery "Lāči" was established in 1993. The owner of "Lāči" bakery is Normunds Skauģis. Over the time Lāči has grown from a small family business to a stable and modern company, which bakes the natural and high-quality bread and original pastries. Our products are sold at more than 900 trading places in Latvia, as well as exported to different countries worldwide. The company has opened its own brand shops - cafes.
When Latvians speak about the national identity of their land, nothing can characterize it more precise than a real rye bread. The real rye bread is made at the bakery "Lāči" from the coarse rye meal, the fermentation process takes place in wooden tubes, the natural yeast forms the fermentation base; the bread is baked in a real wood-wired clone oven and it all in the aggregate gives a special flavour and nutritional value to the bread.
Lāči delicacies are original and unique. Cookies, marmalades, muffins, chocolate masterpieces and delicious cakes. These delicacies are produced from only the most carefully selected, finest ingredients. People appreciated and loved!
From 2013, the company produces chocolate products. These products are made from real Belgian chocolate, natural ingredients. Each candy is hand-made and based on a unique recipe, creating excellent taste combinations and variations.
The most popular Lāči chocolate sweet is "Dark chocolate with balsam and rye breadcrumbs" combining two values - rye bread and black balsam- and creating a chocolate candy that fully represents the uniqueness of Latvian taste.

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