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Freddi Dolciaria S.P.A.

Established in 1949 as a pastry shop, Freddi turned to industry in the 60's, expanding products and markets from Italy to Europe and finally to the rest of the world.
Today Freddi is one of the main international cakes manufacturers with an export share of 85% of the total turnover.
Headquarter and 100% production are in Castiglione Stiviere, North Italy, between Milan and Venice.

The factory works on 3 production lines:
line A: bar cakes in 8 units pack
daily capacity 1.000.000 units
line B: bar cakes in 10 units pack
daily capacity 1.000.000 units
line C: layer cakes and swiss rolls
daily capacity 180.000 units
The process is fully automated, every production shift employs around 10 people.

The production is certified HACCP, IFS and BRC.
Strict policies are:
- NO Artificial flavours
- NO Preservatives
- NO Colourings
- NO Gmo
- NO Hydrogenated fats
- NO Trans fats

Following the last market trends Freddi has developed a very large serie of wellness customer oriented products:
- Under 100 Calories Cakes
- Enriched flour Cakes
- Palm Oil Free Cakes
- Sugar Free Cakes
- Gluten Free Cakes
- Dairy Free Cakes
- Lactose Free Cakes

The shelf-life is 9 months from the production date.
Private Label productions are also available.

The FREDDI brand is wellknown worldwide.
Distributors are present in all countries, they are weekly supplied, guarantying freshness to the products and high rotation to the profits.
Freddi booths are present in the main food shows in the world.
"Freddi, great in sweetness".