Review: New Product Showcase

The New Product Showcase has established itself as a main attraction for all decision-makers. In a high-quality special show, visitors got specific information about novelties of the confectionery and snacks industry. In more than 130 showcases the exhibitors of ISM presented products that have emerged after the ISM 2016 showcase.

QR codes allowed a direct access to the relevant product information. As in the previous year, all visitors had the possibility to participate in the vote on the three most innovative products of the ISM 2017. This year for the first time, the most innovative packaging were awarded with the ISM Packaging Award powedered by ProSweets Cologne.

On Tuesday, 31.01.2017 at 11:00 a.m. the awarding ceremony of the three top innovations of the New Product Showcase took place.

In 2017, the New Product Showcase took place in hall 2.2.

Hundreds of ISM visitors took the opportunity to participate in the election of the top innovations, and cast their vote.

All products of the New Product Showcase of the ISM 2017 can be found here.

3 top innovations of the New Product Showcase

1. Pechkeks from Pechkeks GmbH, Germany

Pechkeks von Pechkeks GmbH, Germany

2. Bio Veggie Box from my ChipsBox GmbH, Germany

2. Bio Veggie Box von my ChipsBox GmbH, Germany

3. Pralibel Dômes from Pralibel NV, Belgium

3. Pralibel Dômes von Pralibel NV, Belgium

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