ISM Award

The presentation of the fourth ISM Award, which pays tribute to exceptional services to the confectionery and snack item industry, will be a particular highlight of ISM.

During a festive gala evening on 28 January 2018 the ISM Award was presented for the fifth time. This year’s award went to Dylan Lauren for her innovative concept „Dylan’s Candy Store“. More information about this year’s winner can be found in the short film!

In 2018: Dylan Lauren, Dylan’s Candy Store

The latest award winners:

In 2017:Gota Moringa, MORINAGA & CO., LTD.
In 2016: James N. Walker, Walkers Shortbread
In 2015: Felix Richterich, Ricola AG
In 2014: Hermann Goelitz Rowland Sr., Jelly Belly Candy Company